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2 Private School Options

2 Private School Options

Most SCOPE Members Choose to Satisfy Compulsory Education Laws

Here’s a little info on two of the most popular private, independent homeschooling options for SCOPE Members on the Compulsory Education Chart:

The Single Family Option :

An individual family can make the decision to privately home school. Under section 48222 of the California Education Code, that home school must have instructors capable of teaching (no teaching credential is required), the teaching must be in English, the instruction must be in ‘the several branches of study required in public schools’, attendance is ‘kept in a register’, and the home school must file an annual private school affidavit. (See HSLDA link for information on filing your affidavit.) Usually families will join with other like-minded families in support groups (like SCOPE) for support, encouragement, fellowship, field trips, programs, resources and much more. (See link for  A Few Ways SCOPE Can Be Helpful)

The PSP Option (not campus-based):

For a generally modest fee, you may enroll your child in a private school program that specializes in home education. These programs vary, but all eliminate your need to file an affidavit, offer recordkeeping, give curriculum/educational advice, and are sources of encouragement. Many also have special events, activities, field trips for the students to participate in. Many local PSP members participate in SCOPE for extra support, as well.


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