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Dennie Booth


Introduction to Home Education Session

As a parent, we strive to do our best in raising our children to become strong independent adults.     For us, part of journey that is teaching and discipling our children through the blessed path of private homeschooling. Looking down that path from the beginning can be a little daunting! Today, there is so much information on homeschooling, it can be quite overwhelming. Let us help you sort through it all and get to the heart of where you need to focus. : ) This Introductory session will guide you through the Whys and Hows of home educating your children. Discover how home education is moving learning beyond the pages in a book. What does it mean to home educate my child? What are California's legal requirements of homeschooling? Learn about all the aspects of educating your child while embracing teaching from a Christian worldview, discipling your child, having flexibility in your schedule, selecting the right curriculum for your child, building meaningful relationships, and discovering teaching and learning is FUN! ... and much more!


And immediately following session, let our SCOPE leaders will treat you to a guided tour of the exhibit hall! (This tours is for information only; no purchasing during the tour.)  



Dennie Booth, SCOPE Chairman has been a member of SCOPE and active in the homeschooling community since she began homeschooling in 1996.   Over the years, she has served in a variety of areas: Chat Group Leader, SCOPE Project Fair Coordinator, SCOPE Conference Exhibitor Coordinator, and mentor for homeschooling moms.  Dennie joined the SCOPE Board in 2010 as Chairman. Her passion is mentoring and encouraging homeschooling moms.  

Marilee Coots


Marilee and her husband Calvin homeschooled their daughters for 11 years.  She and her husband began working with families of children with learning, attention, and special needs challenges in 1995. Marilee is certified at the master level by ICAN, the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists.  Some of her additional training includes several forms of Sound Therapy, Oral Motor Therapy, Rhythmic Movement Training, Structure of Intellect, and other trainings in development, movement, and reflexes.  Marilee consults with parents to help children and adults reach more of their full God-given potential. 


Changing Your Distractible, Hyperactive Child’s Ability Learn and Focus  

Challenges with attention and activity levels, often labeled A.D.D., or A.D.H.D. can seriously take your child and your entire homeschool off track.  But when you improve his or her metabolism, sensory processing, and brain organization, lasting changes can be made in focus, attention, and behavior.  In this workshop, you will learn to use non-drug methods to help your child.   

Improving Auditory Processing for Home School Success  

Auditory processing is an essential skill needed for communication, cognition, reading with phonics, math word problems, reading comprehension, social, and thinking skills.  Fortunately, auditory processing can be improved.  Ideas and methods for use at home will be shared in this workshop.  


Kim Garroutte


What, homeschool? You’ve got to be kidding God.” That was how the calling to home education started for Kim over a decade ago. Through the struggles of leaving a career and adding extra mouths to feed, God Almighty has taught Kim and her family to fully rely on Him. 

The beloved wife of Shane and mother of four active teens (3 homeschool grads and 1 more to go) this family keeps a busy schedule. Actively involved in their church and volunteering in their community are only two of their many passions.  An avid couponer and frugalista, Kim has a heart for showing others how it is possible to survive on one income.  

Kim is the Administrator for the Mendocino County homeschool support group-Shepherd’s Gate and God uses her often to encourage other homeschoolers in the possibilities of what lies ahead, if only they will trust in the Lord. 


Time Management for the Busy Homeschool Mom  

Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Are you staring at the cupboards at 5:00, while your husband taps his foot and the children’s tummies grumble? Are you extending school into late July? Have extracurricular activities taken over your life? Do you look at your neighbor and wonder how it is that her home looks like a picture from a Martha Stewart magazine and you have been the same PJ’s for three days? In this workshop Kim will give you her tried, tested and PROVEN tips for running a busy and well-managed home! She’ll share her successes and failures and leave you feeling encouraged.  

Using Technology to Help Your Homeschool 

Technology, we all know it's there, but how do we use it to help in home education? In this workshop Kim will refer you to several programs, apps, and more that will help your child, both educational and functional. She'll also introduce electronic record keeping to help out the teacher, even giving a live demo. 

Jennifer Harris


Jennifer Harris studied French at the University of California, Davis and taught public school locally before staying home to educate the Harris children. Her interests include gardening, delivering snacks to friends and family, participating in Carmichael Toastmasters, and becoming informed on local events and issues.


Public Speaking for Homeschool Students

This workshop gives an overview of successful public speaking basics with meaningful, actionable techniques to use now and in the future.

Bob Herguth


Bob Herguth has been working in the computer industry as a Database Architect and computer programmer for the last 30 years. When Bob was young his dad provided him with some of the earliest home computers. Little did his dad know, but this early exposure to computers and programming would launch him into the career field that he is in today. Bob eventually earned a degree in Management Information Systems from Sac State. As a parent and home educator Bob has adopted his dad’s philosophy of providing his children the tools that they need to follow their own interests. He is here today to share a little about encouraging young engineers.


The Knack and What to do about it: Encouraging Young Engineers 

Darren Jones


Darren is a litigation attorney and homeschool graduate who helps HSLDA member families resolve legal difficulties related to homeschooling. As a staff attorney for HSLDA, Darren works closely with homeschool support groups across the country. Darren received his juris doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law and is licensed as an attorney in California. 

In 2016, Darren wrote an overview of homeschooling’s current successes for The Journal of School Choice. 

Darren and his wife homeschool their four children. 


One Homeschool Grad’s 8(+1) Reasons to Homeschool

Darren attended several different public schools and a private Christian school before being homeschooled. With his diverse educational experience, he and his wife have chosen to teach their own children at home—but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect! Come hear Darren’s 8 (+1) reasons for homeschooling, and be inspired to find your own reasons.

Dads Who Homeschool

In many homeschooling families, Mom is the day-to-day teacher with input and support from Dad, but it doesn’t have to be that way—and it often isn’t. What happens when Dad is more involved or even the primary educator (and not just for the seriously cool science experiments)? Navigating play dates, setting schedules, maintaining the routine—all bring their own special challenges. In this workshop, Darren gives advice and encouragement for dads who homeschool.

Rebecca Kocsis


Rebecca Kocsis and husband Ed, began homeschooling their children inn 1984.  All 5 of them graduated from their homeschool. Having served for 15 years as a PSP administrator and several years on CHEA's Regional Advisory Board, Rebecca currently serves on the board of directors and as CHEA's Support Network Director.  She is the author of the devotional Let Not Your Feather Be Ruffled.  


Hither, Thither, and Yon - Enemies of Successful Homeschooling

The tyranny of the urgent, over commitment, other people’s expectations, and more, can undermine even the most committed homeschool mom's best intentions. Learn how to recognize and conquer these enemies before they conquer your school year. 

This Is Not the Way It Was Supposed to Be  

Preconceived notions - we all have them even if we aren’t aware of it. There comes a time in every home educator’s life when our preconceived notions of the way homeschool life should be are shattered by some cold hard realities. The distance between the way it is and the way we thought it would be seems as deep and far and wide as the Grand Canyon. Now what? This workshop is for the disillusioned, disappointed, discouraged, and downright disgusted.  


Leanne Kramp


Has your school recordkeeping become overwhelming? At times it becomes our last priority in our schooling, but keeping current and accurate records of your student is important. Your records will keep you organized. This workshop will answer your questions: Where do I start? What are the state requirements? How many different lists do I need to track? Why do I need to record? When will I be finished?? Leanne will take you step-by-step and clearly explain the details of homeschool recordkeeping to give you peace of mind and the confidence to know “You Can Do It, Too!”


“Just one year at a time.” That was Leanne’s mantra when she started homeschooling, but after the first year of teaching Kindergarten she knew they were in it for the long haul. With the support of her husband, Leanne homeschooled their two daughters from K-12th grade. Since 2001, she has served as the administrator of IHS Christian School, a PSP in the Sacramento Area. Leanne has a passion to help homeschooling families achieve a successful schooling experience, especially during the high school years and college admission process. She knows that organizing paperwork and keeping track of the lessons can be daunting. Check out her workshop, Recordkeeping…HELP!

Jake MacAulay


Jake MacAulay is a homeschooling father of four and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), an educational outreach and curriculum that presents the founders’ Biblical view of law and government.  IOTC’s U.S. Constitution Course accommodates the required High School Civics and US Government Credit.  Along with thousands of graduates in all 50 states your student will acquire a full understanding of the Biblical principles on which America’s founding documents are based.  

Jake is an ordained minister and has spoken to audiences nation-wide, and has established the American Club, a constitutional study group in Private, Co-op, and public schools. 

Jake has been seen on Yahoo News, Fox News, The Blaze, AP, CBS, NBC, The Weekly Standard, and more… 


The American View of Law and Government 

This workshop stresses the importance of learning the Constitution in the midst of the culture war against faith and conservative values such, as home education.  

Faith, Values, and the Constitution  

Dive into the religious beliefs of the Framers and the philosophical worldview of the U.S. Constitution.  Learn how to equip your child with a solid, biblical worldview of American Law and Government.  

Rebels/Prodigals: God can rescue them...He is our Hope! 

How does it happen that our wonderful home-trained son goes off the rails. He forsook his faith and all he was taught. Next thing we knew, we were at odds on everything. Lies consumed our relationship. He not only plunged into the lifestyle of worldly passions but he fell into the deep end of the legal system. We lost our son... And then God! This prodigal came back to the kingdom of Heaven taking it by force, revenging all his former disobedience. The impossible happened in our son. That son is Jake MacAulay and he is here to share his story. Parents, there is hope.

Lauren Orcutt


Lauren Orcutt teaches literature and writing classes to local homeschoolers, equipping them to seek truth wisely, apply it usefully, and communicate it winsomely. She was homeschooled all the way through and then attended Patrick Henry College, and she now delights in homeschooling her own daughter. In addition to teaching, she manages a church office and develops website content for small businesses. 


News Literacy (Teen Workshop) 

In an age of fake news and information overload, how can you know whether what you read online is true? News literacy skills will equip you to evaluate articles with discernment, so you can figure out what is reliable and credible - and what is trying to trick or manipulate you. Whether you're doing research for school or seeing articles on social media, these crucial skills will help you navigate the internet, avoid being duped, and seek out the truth. 


Nathan Pierce


Nathan is the California Director and Legislative Liaison for Family Protection Ministries (FPM). FPM’s purpose is to defend our freedom as parents to train, educate and care for our children privately, without governmental interference. Nathan himself was home educated from Kindergarten through High School. He received a B.A. in Political Studies from The Master’s College in 2004 and has worked full time for FPM ever since. His role at FPM includes screening the hundreds of bills that pour into the California Legislature each year, closely watching for any that could harm our freedoms as parents and alerting parents to contact their Legislators. He and his wife Betsy live in the Sacramento area and homeschool their six children, ages nine to infant! They love serving in their local church body and co-lead a local homeschooling support group. Nathan is passionate about protecting the right of parents to teach each of their children in the way that God calls them to. What is the foremost thing we should be teaching our children? Scripture says (I Corinthians 15:3-4) that the gospel is of “first importance”. Nathan values the importance of teaching all things from an intentionally biblical worldview and works every day to maintain our freedom to do so. 


The Law for Private Homeschoolers (with a legislative update)  

Are you a new or potential homeschooling parent? Perhaps you’re a leader working with new homeschoolers. Here is the place to get a foundation of understanding of the legalities of homeschooling.  We know the Education Code addresses compulsory education, but what does it actually say and how do we as private homeschoolers make sure we meet compulsory education law?  What is the difference between public and private education school programs, anyway?  And what is a private school affidavit and how do you file it?  Any remaining questions?  You may ask those at the Q & A session at the end of this helpful session.    

Why Can’t I Ignore the Idea of Worldview?  

What is the foremost thing we should be teaching our children? “For I delivered to you, as of first importance, what I also received, that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried and was raised again on the third day, according to the Scriptures.” (I Corinthians 15:3-4) God call this, the Gospel, “of first importance.”  So then, how do we link our every instruction to the importance of the Gospel?  In this workshop Nathan discusses this question and its answer, highlighting the important concept of developing and teaching an intentionally biblical worldview.  Nathan shows how applying the Gospel to all areas of instruction lays a foundation of understanding for our children that can guard them against the world’s attacks on God’s truth.  Adding to this some exposure to and comparison with other competing worldviews, we can further equip them to resist being seduced from the way of God’s truth by the allure of the secular world’s beliefs and lifestyles.  Nathan will also share how his work at FPM relies every day on an understanding of the significance of competing worldviews in the work of defending our home school freedoms and how this understanding can benefit Christians in any field who wish to give a reason for the hope that is in them.    

Mary Schofield


Mary and husband Paul began homeschooling in 1986. Their children graduated, married, moved into their own homes, got decent jobs, had their own kids, and are doing fine out in “the real world” despite the fears of homeschool naysayers. Mary wrote The High School Handbook: a guide to home educating junior and senior high school students, based on years of experience, research, and prayer. She speaks at home education conventions throughout the United States, encouraging parents to seek God’s unique plan for their families. Mary has been enjoying her "retirement" from active homeschooling by continuing to serve on the Board of Directors for the Christian Home Educators Association of California and by remaining active in legal and legislative issues surrounding private and home education, family freedoms, and parental rights. She also found time to go back to school, get a law degree, and become an attorney with her own practice in Cameron Park, California. She serves “of counsel” with the Home School Legal Defense Association, and recently was appointed academic dean of Northwestern California University School of Law. However, her favorite activity these days is playing with her grandchildren. 


Elementary Age Topics: Teaching K-3  

Young children are challenging to teach, but they also bring some of the greatest rewards. Making the most of the first few years of "schooling" will require an understanding of both the students' needs, and the materials and methods that are available to help meet those needs.  This workshop focuses on the child who is not reading yet, or who is still working on building reading skills.  Practical tips for the basic subjects will be discussed, including some curriculum recommendations. 

"Designing Courses for Jr. and Senior High School"

Once decisions have been made about what to require for high school graduation, once the overall plan has been set, there is still much to do.  How do you set up each course?  Courses can be designed or modified by using pre-packaged curricula, by using a variety of materials you already have on hand, or by outlining the course and finding materials to fit your needs.  We will discuss these methods of course planning, and will also cover grading, keeping track of assignments with no stress, and record keeping.

Choosing Curriculum for Junior and Senior High School Selecting curriculum for the upper grades can become a real nightmare.  On the one hand, many materials seem designed for a classroom setting with expensive equipment required, and on the other hand, home-school-designed materials vary so widely in ability level (for both students and teachers) that it is hard to know what will work.  Parents often wonder if they need an advanced degree to teach advanced courses, or if "throwing money" at a difficult subject will help, or if materials they like are too basic to count for high school.  In this session, we will focus on resources for a variety of subjects that almost any family can use, and will discuss ways to evaluate the myriad of texts and programs available.

"After High School and Prep for College"

As many of our home educated students approach graduation, decisions must be made about the future.  This workshop will focus on the variety of directions available to the home school graduate, including apprenticeship, college (on campus or at home), getting a good job, and more.  Entry requirements, resources available, and practical considerations for each option will be discussed.

Preparation for College In this workshop we will cover what should be done during high school to prepare for college. Included topics are what courses to take in high school, college admissions exams, financial aid and scholarship information, when and how to apply, and choosing a college that's right for you.

Dawna Wiemeyer


Dawna Wiemeyer has 19 years of homeschooling experience. Scared to death to begin her first year, she considers the years in the trenches with her children as the best investment she’s ever made. She’s well acquainted with the challenges, distractions and difficult path homeschooling parents face. She learned how to conquer fear, inadequacy and loneliness and has become a great cheerleader for those homeschooling today. 

She and her husband Glen homeschooled all 3 of their children Kind – 12th grade and believe that the many years of homeschooling were key to the reason why each of their adult children serve the Lord today. 

Together, they administrate Covenant Christian Academy, a PSP in Santa Rosa, and have been leading the group since 1992. Dawna’s mantra: “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” 

Dawna is also the coach of Santa Rosa Touché, a nationally ranked speech and debate club for homeschooled students, ages 12 – 18. She finds great joy in training the next generation to be articulate communicators for Christ. 


Trusting vs Controlling: The tension between the two and how to find balance

It is a faith journey. God uses broken vessels, with shattered pasts. How can you be confident in your role as an educator, regardless of what you bring to the table. 

Home Schooling for the Long Haul  

Success in homeschooling doesn’t just happen. Goals and dreams can only be attained through hard work and a willingness to never quit. But, how do you keep going? What are some keys to conquering discouragement or the sense of being overwhelmed? How can you find joy on the journey when it is nowhere to be found? In this workshop, Dawna will share some of the keys God gave her for attitudinal victory amidst the daily sacrifices required on her homeschooling journey. With them, she was able to rise above the challenges to find fulfillment, peace and rest. 

Be Thou My Vision: Having God’s Eyes for Homeschooling Teens  

Homeschooling can seem daunting without God’s perspective, especially when looking at the teen years. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, fearful or inadequate it IS possible to walk with courage, confidence and strength. Raging hormones (either in student or mother) can be a breeding ground for conflict. It doesn’t have to be. What are some of the things you need to know to homeschool through these years with success? Come hear how Dawna was able to find these years to be some of the most fruitful, rewarding times of her life and how she discovered not only victory, but joy on the journey. 

Genesis Apologetics (Dan Biddle & Caleb LePore)


We are northern California’s leading Biblical Creation Ministry. We have over 12 speakers/volunteers and our ministry focuses on equipping students (home/private/public) to handle the evolution teaching they receive through education/exposure to secular institutions. 

A 501c3 non-profit ministry equipping parents and students with Biblical answers for evolution taught in public schools. 

Listen for us on KLOVE, KFIA & the FISH! 


Preparing Your Homeschool Student to Stand Against Evolution  

While most home school families do a great job at teaching their students about Biblical Creation, we find that some students still struggle with the creation-evolution topics because they don’t know what’s wrong with evolution. In this workshop we will clearly lay out the 10 fatal flaws with evolution and prove that Biblical Creation makes more sense of the world than evolution does. 





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