2019 Standardized Achievement Testing

Nationally Standardized Achievement Test Administration for SCOPE Subscribers

Iowa Assessments, Complete Battery, Form E – Grades 4 to 12

The Iowa Assessments are nationally standardized and recognized to meet most transfer or state requirements. Confidential, computer-scored results are emailed directly to the parents and include a variety of norm-referenced and skill mastery-referenced scores, along with interpretation helps.

Text Box: Though we do not recommend it, please be aware that online testing is now available through BJU Press for $35 per student. All details and requirements are on their website. The online testing requirements include: run the assessment provider’s compatibility test with your computer/device and internet service to be sure your computer aligns with their requirements, download their browser to your system (for test security, this will lock your computer during the testing), sign up for specific time slots spread over two days (your student cannot move ahead if he or she finishes a section before the allotted time because multiple students will be testing online together in that session), log in 15 minutes before the sessions, provide a quiet room without distractions, ensure there will be no interruptions, and provide a proctor (this can be you) who will have visual access to the student’s screen for the entire testing session and not leave the room at any point, and keep internet use on other devices in the household low during testing so that your student’s test does not respond slowly. Join us for in-person testing if you want to skip those requirements or want a non-home, group setting to prepare your children for future standardized tests that will not be taken at home (SAT, ACT, CHSPE, etc).
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We offer two-day, in-person testing for those who want to have their children familiar with taking standardized testing outside the home, with the benefit of testing in a group which helps homeschooled students to be prepared for future standardized testing (SAT, ACT, CHSPE, etc.).

For our in-person administration of the Iowa Assessments:

Costs:         $25.00 test (scoring, tax, & pre-test shipping)

                   $20.00 administration fee (facility, supplies, post-test shipping, etc.)

Schedule:   Mon & Tue     April 29 & 30, 2019    8:55am – 12:10pm

Location:    Sun River Church, 11223 Trinity River Drive, Rancho Cordova

                   At the corner of Sunrise Blvd., north of Hwy. 50, south of the American River.

Subtests:     Vocabulary, Reading, Language, Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Deadlines:  contact me before April 5th. If you miss this deadline, I cannot

ensure that your student can be included in the testing. Overnight mailing fees and increased administration fees may be charged.

More information: Email preferred    cha14@comcast.net    (916) 987-2934

Rhonda Asbenson

Test Administrator for SCOPE families since 1997

A message from Rhonda:

I have been offering standardized testing to SCOPE families for twenty years because I want to give privately homeschooling parents the opportunity to have this option. As private home educators, standardized testing is optional. Not every family nor every student needs to pursue standardized testing, but for those who want this option, I am excited to provide it.

I first tested my own five children when I was a newer homeschool mom because I wanted to see if my independent assessment of their progress was accurate. As my children grew, I continued to test them to see their improvement over time and prepare them to be comfortable in a formal testing environment, so that they would be more comfortable with the format and environment in the future when they took the CHSPE, SAT, ACT or any other formal test. My eldest children even said that when they sat for their graduate school admissions tests (LSAT and GRE: Psychology), they thought back to their earlier testing experiences sitting amongst other homeschoolers.

There are many reasons families consider testing. Some SCOPE parents consider the yearly testing as a test of the parents – to evaluate if they are effectively teaching. Some parents have their students tested because they are curious where their student stands on nationally standardized tests, and some have told me that they have their students tested because they want to have a tangible way to satisfy extended family members who are critical of their homeschooling efforts. Some test every year, some every other year.

If you decide to have your students tested, you should know that our test supplier now offers online testing, so that parents can test their students at home. Some families cannot orchestrate the required uninterrupted timing of two consecutive days with 2- to 3-hour test sessions with a supervising adult in the room at all times, some cannot or do not want to deal with the compatibility and technical requirements, and so group testing is helpful. Others want the group setting for their children so that they will be comfortable with future standardized testing settings. Still others are excited to proctor the test at home.

Please know that testing is not essential, however. God is at work with you and through you to prepare your child for their future here on earth, and most importantly, for their future eternity with Him. And standardized testing is not a requirement! I offer it as a way of bringing a little peace to the hearts of those parents who want the opportunity for standardized testing in a formalized, group setting but have no other means to provide it.

One last personal word: I as a veteran homeschool mom, I am heartened that you homeschool your children and I want to encourage you! God is on your side and is faithful! Keep up this challenging job of teaching and discipling your children! Work unto Him and, amongst other blessings, you will enjoy years of thankfulness when your children are grown, knowing you raised them in obedience to His direction. Bless you, sisters and brothers!

Rhonda Asbenson