2019 Conference Speakers

Dennie Booth


Dennie Booth, SCOPE Chairman has been a member of SCOPE and active in the homeschooling community since she began homeschooling in 1996.   Over the years, she has served in a variety of areas: Chat Group Leader, SCOPE Project Fair Coordinator, SCOPE Conference Exhibitor Coordinator, and mentor for homeschooling moms.  Dennie joined the SCOPE Board in 2010 as Chairman. Her passion is mentoring and encouraging homeschooling moms.  


Introduction to Home Education Session

As a parent, we strive to do our best in raising our children to become strong independent adults.     For us, part of journey that is teaching and discipling our children through the blessed path of private homeschooling. Looking down that path from the beginning can be a little daunting! Today, there is so much information on homeschooling, it can be quite overwhelming. Let us help you sort through it all and get to the heart of where you need to focus. : ) This Introductory session will guide you through the Whys and Hows of home educating your children. Discover how home education is moving learning beyond the pages in a book. What does it mean to home educate my child? What are California's legal requirements of homeschooling? Learn about all the aspects of educating your child while embracing teaching from a Christian worldview, discipling your child, having flexibility in your schedule, selecting the right curriculum for your child, building meaningful relationships, and discovering teaching and learning is FUN! ... and much more!

And immediately following session, let our SCOPE leaders will treat you to a guided tour of the exhibit hall! (This tours is for information only; no purchasing during the tour.)

Rebecca Kocsis


Rebecca Kocsis and her beloved, Ed, homeschooled all five of their children, graduating their youngest in 2006 from their homeschool. They are now the proud grandparents of an ever-growing tribe of energetic boys and girls (11 to date) who are their greatest delight. Rebecca served for 15 years as a PSP administrator and for several years on CHEA’s Regional Advisory Board. In addition to serving on CHEA’s board of directors she has also serves as General Manager. She is the author of the devotional booklet Let Not Your Feathers Be Ruffled.


Pressure to Go Public or Just Take the Money -

Do you feel like as a private home educator you are in the minority in your homeschool group?  Are discouraged by seeing all the “good stuff” your public-school-at-home counterparts are enjoying that you simply can’t afford. You have strong convictions about staying private, but your friends don’t seem to understand.  In this session Rebecca will talk about why private Christian home education is still a great idea, why it’s a freedom worth fighting for, and share some practical ways to help you stand firm against the pressure from your peers to “just take the money.”


Making the Grade -

Does God really expect us to be perfect because we homeschool? Rather, as home educators, we often expect perfection from ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with high expectations. But how do we handle falling short of them? Do we take it to the cross? Or do we give ourselves a big fat F? Let’s take a look at this from a Biblical perspective.


 High School: So Much To Do and So Little Time -

Are you looking at your child’s high school years and feeling overwhelmed by all you still want to accomplish, and the short amount of time you have to do it? Find out what you can and cannot realistically accomplish in high school thereby saving valuable time and trouble; both yours and your student’s. Yes, you can teach high school at home.

Danny Lyda


Danny is the coach of the local Speech and Debate club Contend. He and his wife Jaime have been homeschooling their 4 children for the last 14 years. 5 years ago their family was introduced to the world of speech and debate and it changed the entire trajectory of their family. For the last 3 years Danny has coached the local Speech and Debate club Contend where he is passionate about training students to be the leaders of the next generation.

Creating World Changers through Speech and Debate
Our country and world is rapidly progressing into a post-christian society that is increasingly hostile to Christian values. As parents we desire to raise up children that will be able to boldly stand for Christ. Competitive speech and debate provides all the necessary tools to be winsome and articulate in the expression of our ideas to those around us. This workshop will introduce you to Stoa, a national organization whose mission is to train homeschool students to speak boldly and change the world for Christ.
Nathan Pierce


Nathan is the California Director and Legislative Liaison for Family Protection Ministries (FPM). FPM’s purpose is to defend our freedom as parents to train, educate and care for our children privately, without governmental interference. Nathan himself was home educated from Kindergarten through High School. He received a B.A. in Political Studies from The Master’s College in 2004 and has worked full time for FPM ever since. His role at FPM includes screening the hundreds of bills that pour into the California Legislature each year, closely watching for any that could harm our freedoms as parents and alerting parents to contact their Legislators. He and his wife Betsy live in the Sacramento area and homeschool their six children, ages nine to infant! They love serving in their local church body and co-lead a local homeschooling support group. Nathan is passionate about protecting the right of parents to teach each of their children in the way that God calls them to. What is the foremost thing we should be teaching our children? Scripture says (I Corinthians 15:3-4) that the gospel is of “first importance”. Nathan values the importance of teaching all things from an intentionally biblical worldview and works every day to maintain our freedom to do so. 


Legal-Legislative Update

Fresh from the battlefront, Nathan will update you on major current legislative battles to protect our private home education and parental rights!  You will learn how vigilance is maintained despite the many threats against our precious freedoms, and hear how God has been working “behind the lines” through FPM this year to build relationships with legislators and staff inside the Capitol.  As time permits, the perspective will broaden to an even larger battlefront of the underlying worldviews and trends of our culture’s war against the God-ordained family.


Homeschool Advocacy for the Next Generation

If private Christian home education is to survive in the future, we must pass on the vision of why it is important to be able to teach what we believe.  If we don’t impart to the next generation what matters most and why, then we have already lost. This talk focuses on passing on a passion for homeschool advocacy to future generations. I Corinthians 15:3-4 tells us that the Gospel is of “first importance” and yet the Gospel is the heart of what some in government would like to see strangled out of our homeschools. Looking to the future, Nathan’s hope is that we will be able to see our children and grandchildren maintain the right to homeschool here in California and that our groups and organizations will still be around to lend support to them for generations to come.  


Discerning Biblical Principles for Christianity and Politics – Nathan Pierce

Do you know why you vote the way you do?  What assumptions lie at the root of your political leanings?   Are you sure they are rooted in God’s Word? Does God’s Word even speak to political issues?  Many well-meaning people take isolated Bible verses and apply them in ways God never intended.  How can you make sure you are using sound Biblical principles in discerning Biblically based political opinions and acting on them?  Sure to be an enlightening and thought-provoking session. If you struggle to know for yourself how your political views relate to the Bible, how will you pass on these beliefs to your children?

Zan and Joe Tyler


Zan and Joe Tyler loves speaking into the lives of homeschool parents. Joe and Zan have been married for 40 years and spent twenty-one years homeschooling their three children from kindergarten through high school and have made home schooling their life work. For past 35 years, they have written books, fought for homeschool legislation and encouraged families in the homeschool movement and teaching parenting and marriage classes through their church. They are founders of large homeschooling co-op in South Caroline, South Carolina association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS), Joe currently serves as the Chairman of the SCAIHS board and has served as Operations Director for Apologia.

Zan and Joe will take you beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a wondrous, life-giving vision of family life, in which you and your spouse can build into the lives of your children. And grow miraculously in the process yourself.

You will learn ways to improve your family life as you embrace homeschooling and the blessings this life brings.


  • Zan  -- The Inspiring Task of Raising Servant Leaders

 Teaching your children to love and serve others is the second most important principle you will ever teach them. This principle, in turn, provides the necessary foundation for training them to become leaders. Come to this workshop and learn how you can effectively teach the lessons of service and leadership in the midst of your already-full homeschool days. We will also discuss how to build powerful, life-changing service and leadership projects into your everyday lives. Be prepared to see your children come alive as they experience the joy of serving others!


  •  Zan & Joe -- Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Marriage Lessons from Real Life

 “Zan was my best friend and ministry partner when we were in college. I knew I loved her and wanted to know how she felt about me, so out of the blue (we had never dated), I proposed to her during our junior year. She didn’t speak to me for a month.” In spite of this rocky start, Zan and Joe Tyler have thoroughly enjoyed 37 years of marriage. They have experienced many joys and triumphs and weathered many storms. Along with the varied hats Joe wears in the home, he is in charge of attitude adjustments and comic relief.

“Being able to laugh through the years has helped me survive things like threats of jail, the pressures of 21 years of homeschooling, and the stress of life in general. Joe makes sure I laugh a lot,” says Zan.  Come enjoy a refreshing session of laughter and encouragement as Joe and Zan share candidly about the ups and downs of married life (including their biggest fight ever), while focusing on the biblical principles that have served as the unshakeable foundation of their marriage. Understanding and embracing the magnificent biblical vision of marriage is the key to a vibrant relationship. 


  • Raising Children to Be Intentional Christians in a “Whatever” World (Worldview Training) and Homeschooling: The Unsung Revival 

 Our children live in the midst of a secular culture facing a host of issues and moral dilemmas that we never had to deal with at their age. Because many children are not prepared to counter our culture, startling percentages of those raised in evangelical homes abandon their faith and beliefs as they move into adulthood. For this reason, training our children to develop a strong biblical worldview is one of the most important things we can do for them. Teaching them to think biblically about all areas of life equips them to become powerful thinkers, leaders, and communicators. Most importantly, it also gives staying power to their faith as they face opposition. In this session, Zan Tyler provides practical answers to the following questions:

  • What is a biblical worldview and why is it crucial for my children?
  • How can I teach worldview—especially if I don’t understand it myself?
  • How can I teach worldview to my elementary-aged children?
  • How can studying the life of Daniel change my teenager’s life?

Our goal as Christian homeschoolers must be bigger and broader than turning out kids with exceptional talent and high SAT scores. By incorporating worldview training, we can better equip them to use their gifts to impact the world for Christ, help others by solving real problems, and bring glory to God in the process.

From teaching phonics to graduating teens, from refereeing fights to nurturing faith, our lives as homeschooling parents run the gamut from the very mundane to the very meaningful. In the midst of the mind-boggling demands of homeschooling and everyday life, we constantly need to remind ourselves that our work as homeschooling moms and dads has tremendous significance. Using the lessons of Scripture and history, this workshop will expand your vision of how God is using the homeschool movement, as well as your specific work as a homeschooling parent, to usher in revival.

  • Zan  -- Life in the Fiery Furnace: How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Homeschooling places great demands on parents and leads to great expectations. This combination can set us up for an intense sense of failure and disappointment. Homeschooling doesn’t always go according to our plans. Even when we are doing our best to follow God and love our families, we may find ourselves in the “fiery furnace,” ready to throw in the towel. In this session, Zan Tyler explores the causes of burnout and shares ways to avoid them. This workshop contains many practical tips for streamlining your life. It also encourages a biblical vision for what you are ultimately trying to accomplish in your children’s lives through homeschooling—a vision that will sustain you through the hard times and difficult days that are sure to come.

  • Joe -- You Want to What???!!: confessions of a Reluctant Homeschool Dad 

 When my wife Zan recommended homechooling in 1984, I thought she was crazy.  In this session I will share my experiences in my homeschool-dad journey from skeptic to raging fan.  Moms will learn techniques for thriving in their homeschool classrooms with a reluctant principal.  Dads will be encouraged to jump in with both feet and enjoy the experience.  WARNNG: In this session dads may become so enthusiastic they may even teach a subject!


  • Zan  -- Talk with Me: How Conversation Stimulates Learning  

In a traditional classroom environment, students have an average of eight to ten individual interactions with their teacher each day. In your homeschool, these verbal interactions can number in the hundreds and greatly enhance the education your children receive at home. Zan Tyler shares how the simple and free tool of conversation can help your children replace boredom during lessons with a motivation to learn. Discover why parents make the best teachers and capitalize on these strengths. Explore strategies to minimize conflict in your home and promote camaraderie, enthusiasm, and learning with stimulating academics instead. Conversation is the key! Conversation IS core curriculum.

  • Joe -- Raising G-Rated Sons in an R-Rated World

 Joe Tyler discusses the key issues dads face as we strive to instill a Christ-centered vision in our sons. Joe addresses the cultural pressures on our young men and shares practical advice to counter the culture and instill a vision of purity in our sons and daughters. Because of the frank and sensitive nature of this discussion, we request that only men attend.

  • Zan  -- Freedom Fighting- Ten Lessons I Learned on the Way to Jail  

In 1984, the State Superintendent of Education told Zan Tyler that he could have her put in jail for homeschooling her son. Zan knew this was no idle threat. The shock and fear that riveted her and the imminent threat of being jailed forced her to count the costs of homeschooling and decide if it was really worth it. Zan learned some powerful lessons about fighting for freedom, family, and faith that remain pertinent today. Our nation is once again at a crossroads where the liberties we often take for granted are at stake. We must all continue to work to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while intentionally raising up a new generation of freedom fighters. But how do we do that? Come to this session to be encouraged and equipped with powerful principles to share with your children and teens.


  • Joe -- Leaving a Legacy: The Vision of the Homeschool Dad and Husband

 Too often men in our age take on the tasks of husband, father, shepherd, principal, coach, and disciplinarian without the vision necessary to accomplish the goal.  (What is the goal, anyway?)  In this seminar we will define the goal and discover the divinely appointed means of achieving it.  You may even learn the secret to making your wife deliriously happy, your home a quiet and peaceful kingdom, your children rich beyond measure, and your father-in-law in awe of your great accomplishments.  Come join us in our discussion of the homeschool husband and dad.

Deborah Wuehler


Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, wife to Richard, and homeschool mom of eight for over 20 years.  Deborah's passion is to encourage homeschool families to keep their focus on Christ and His Word, and to keep their children Home….. Where They Belong.   


The Importance of the Bible in the Homeschool

Deborah Wuehler will share how the Bible has made an impact on her homeschooling and how it can change yours. Do your children know the Biblical reasons they are homeschooling? Do they know why they don’t participate in things other kids participate in? Do they have the tools they need for life to battle sin, defeat the enemy, and answer their peers and culture? Find out the importance of the Bible in the homeschool. It’s as important as life and death! Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine whose goal is to glorify God and strengthen homeschoolers in their commitment to keep their children Home Where They Belong.



Homeschooling the Rebel

“I won’t do it!” my child screamed after being asked to sit down and start the day’s math assignment. “You will too!” I resolutely stated back. “I will not!” And thereupon ensued an all-out fight of wills. The strong-willed mother determined to win over the strong-willed child. This workshop is designed to give you helpful tips in dealing with a strong-willed child, how to nurture as well as homeschool this child, how to stay sane in the midst of anguish, and to give you hope for the future. Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine whose goal is to glorify God and strengthen homeschoolers in their commitment to keep their children Home Where They Belong.



Remembering Why We Are Homeschooling

It can be easy to forget why we are homeschooling due to the daily stress and the emotional and physical demands of the job. We hear voices that say, “Someone else could do this better!” or, “What was I thinking?” There are so many things that bring lack of courage to continue on. Besides questions from relatives and strangers, sometimes even our own children will ask why we are homeschooling. Do we have the answers? It is good to remember why we are homeschooling so that when the tough times come, our homeschool will not collapse. Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine whose goal is to glorify God and strengthen homeschoolers in their commitment to keep their children Home Where They Belong.


Reading Struggles & Overcoming Hurdles

Good readers are not necessarily early readers. And, early readers don’t always grow up to love reading. God designs each child differently as He deems fit for His purposes. Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, will talk about her own struggling readers and the practical things that helped them jump those hurdles. Deborah will also encourage you to face your own homeschooling hurdles victoriously as you keep your children Home Where They Belong.






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