What is the annual homeschool conference?

2 days + dozens of workshops = homeschool inspiration

Did you know anyone can come to the conference whether you are privately homeschooling or through a charter, grandparent, or thinking about homeschooling?

So spread the word!  To those interested in homeschooling, to those who are currently homeschooling, to grandparents who want to support their kids who are homeschooling, or to pastors who want to support homeschool families in their congregation.

See you in June!

2019 FAMILY discipleship Homeschool conference

June 7-8, 2019

William Jessup University
2121 University Ave, Rocklin CA 95765

Call SCOPE at (916) 668-0401
or email conference@scopehome.org

2019 KEYNOTE Speakers

Zan & Joe Tyler

Zan and Joe Tyler loves speaking into the lives of homeschool parents.  Joe and Zan have been married for 40 years and spent twenty-one years homeschooling their three children from kindergarten through high school and have made home schooling their life work.   For past 35 years, they have written books, fought for homeschool legislation and encouraged families in the homeschool movement and teaching parenting and marriage classes through their church.    They are founders of large homeschooling co-op in South Caroline, South Carolina association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS), Joe currently serves as the Chairman of the SCAIHS board and has served as Operations Director for Apologia. 

Zan and Joe will take you beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a wondrous, life-giving vision of family life, in which you and your spouse can build into the lives of your children.  And grow miraculously in the process yourself. 

You will learn ways to improve your family life as you embrace homeschooling and the blessings this life brings

Visit Zan Tyler's Website


We are please to announce our other confirmed speakers are
Deborah Wuehler from Old Schoolhouse magazine and
longtime SCOPE member, Nathan Pierce from Family Protection Ministry.
Check back for updates!





SCOPE Member $40 (spouse is free)
Non-SCOPE $50 (spouse is free)
SCOPE/CHEA Family Rate $ 60
$5 ea for Children 5yrs – 18 yrs
Ages 4 yrs and under are FREE 
Non-SCOPE Family Rate $ 75


$10 more at the door
Note: General Public attendees to receive a coupon for $10 off SCOPE membership,  if sign up at conference.


Click to register online - fast & easy!


Print the registration form and mail it in before May 15th.


Registration is available at the door either day for an additional $10 per ticket


Everything you need to know about where to stay, where to eat, available closer to conference time.
Meantime, you can read through our FAQs



Prime Booth : $240
Regular Booth: $200
Additional Booth $185

CONTACT conference@scopehome.org 


NEAR Hotel & William Jessup University: 
Mel's Diner  6708 Lonetree Blvd
Chevy's   6604 Lonetree Blvd
Subway  Blue Oaks Town Center, 6700 Lonetree Blvd #300

Krush Burger,  6815 Lonetree Blvd
Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ,  6628 Lonetree Blvd
McDonald's,  2172 Sunset Blvd
Starbucks,  6612 Lonetree Blvd
Panda Express, 2210 Sunset Blvd

Chili's,  10585 Fairway Dr
In and Out Burger,  10309 Fairway Dr
Jamba Juice, 10305 Fairway Dr
Quizno's,  10305 Fairway Dr
Freebird's World Famous Burrito,  10305 Fairway Dr
Starbucks,  10451 Fairway Dr


Volunteers Welcome you help make the conference a success. There are a number of areas where you can help:
Room Monitor [select a workshop, pass out speaker evaluations, if room capacity reaches max encourage attendee to select another workshop, enjoy listening to speaker, collect speaker evals, and/or Registration [registering attendees who have not pre-registered] .When can you help: select a workshop session for room monitor or a time: {Thursday Set up 3-6pm; Friday morning, afternoon, evening; Saturday morning, afternoon and/or help with clean up 5-7pm]

Contact  conference@scopehome.org  


Wristbands - are our way of knowing who is registered to attend the conference. All conference attendees are required to wear their wristbands. Without the wristband, you will not be granted access to the Exhibit Hall or workshops. A $3 fee will be charged for replacement of lost wristbands.  

Name Tags -
to help you recognize various event personnel at the conference, you will notice them wearing color coded name tags. ORANGE - Conference Committee, BLUE - Exhibitors, YELLOW – Speakers, PURPLE - Chat Group Leaders and SCOPE Board Members, and  RED - Manpower/Volunteers  

Workshop Size
- is arranged with the committee’s best efforts to choose rooms that fit the speaker and their audience. If a room reaches full capacity, a sign will be posted.  Due to Fire Marshall regulations and for your safety, we will be unable to allow entry.  All workshops are recorded and are available as downloads with the purchase of a dropcard.

are a blessing from the Lord. There is no onsite child-care available.  Parents who bring their children agree to keep all children accompanying them supervised at all times, assume all risk which may be encountered at the Conference, and accept financial responsibility for any damage caused by the children under their supervision.  Teens 13-18 who are registered may attend and must wear their wristbands at all times.   Nursing babies are also welcome.   

On-Site CD Recordings
-  No personal recording or videotaping permitted.  All workshops will be recorded.  

Cellular Phones - We realize cell phones are a great resource for parents who are away from their children.  Please be considerate of others by setting your ringer to vibrate only and exit the workshop rooms if you need to answer a call.  

Bargain Shoppers
- We all enjoy a good bargain. You will find many conference only specials throughout the Exhibit Hall. Please be mindful that our exhibitors help make our conference possible. They expend a great deal of time, effort, and money to present their materials to you. They will gladly spend time answering your questions and sharing their knowledge about their products. If you take their time and reap the benefits of their knowledge, please honor them with your purchase.  If purchases are not sufficient, vendors may be financially unable to return in the future.  

- No refunds for conference.  

The presence of a speaker, exhibitor, or advertiser at the conference or in our printed material does NOT constitute and endorsement of their product or service. Neither does it imply that a comprehensive evaluation of their product/service has been made. We endeavor to present exhibitors and speakers whose materials honor Jesus. Our first choice is to always have a Christian presenting these materials. However, if a speaker or exhibitor has materials that would be of benefit to home educators, their participation is not restricted because of religious doctrine.  

Conference Evaluation
- You will find Conference Evaluation Forms available throughout the conference and on the website here.  The feedback you provide is used to improve future SCOPE Conferences, so please take the time to fill them out and return them to the SCOPE Booth.     


2019 FAMILY discipleship Homeschool conference

June 7-8, 2019


at William Jessup University
2121 University Ave, Rocklin CA 95765

For more information about the conference:
Phone (916) 668-0401
Email: conference@scopehome.org